Software Projects

I have been programming computers and designing software professionally since 1999. I'm competent in C, Objective-C, Perl, Java, PHP, and Unix scripting. I also have exprience in C++, Fortran, SML, Applescript, Windows batch scripting, and Flash Actionscript. I know how to design user interfaces and workflows that are clear, simple, and functional.

I'm not a graphics designer, but I have produced graphics and stylesheets for my own projects. Sometimes they're good enough to keep, and other times they act as placeholders and are later replaced by graphics from a profesional designer.

iPhone Apps

Magic Login for iPhone Application icon automatically logs you in to your favorite websites

SillyCamera for iPhone Application icon is a fun little app that lets you take photos and place silly icons on the photos as you take them.

iComparePrices for iPhone Application icon helps to quickly figure out which item is the better deal. Includes automatic conversion from different units of measure.

Real Estate Investment Quick Analysis (REIQA) for iPhone Application icon helps to calculate the Return on Investment for real estate, taking into consideration your cost of money (loans), cap rate, and other factors. You can get a basic calculation by entering just a few facts, or get a more accurate calculation by entering more information.

iCashflow for iPhone Application icon for players of Robert Kiyosaki's "Cashflow" (R) game, or anyone who wants to keep track of their own personal cashflow. This handy little app keeps track of your income statement and balance sheet, with automatic relationships between your assets and income and your liabilities and expenses.


libjsform - JavaScript form validation library

strftime.js - JavaScript implementation of strftime

sprintf.js - JavaScript implementation of sprintf


check_email_delivery - Nagios plugin for checking SMTP and IMAP servers end-to-end check_email_delivery

check_mysql_slave - Nagios plugin for checking the status of a MySQL replication slave server

Email::Simple::OneLineHeaders - same as Email::Simple but without the folding

Data::SimplePaginator - data pagination without assumptions (I think)

CGP::CLI - a simple Perl wrapper for CommuniGate Pro's programming interface


mysql[i].php - write injection-safe queries with convenient placeholders benefit from using placeholders for SQL-injection safety with the convenience of named parameters.

money.php - convert currency amounts to integers (for storage in database) and back avoid floating-point errors when storing money amounts in a database that doesn't have a suitable money or decimal datatype

Websites - quick online certification of your jokes and routines created especially for comedians. - quick online certification of your documents for inventors, entrepreneurs, comedians, writers, musicians, economists, political scientists, and everyone else, too. - online marketplace for education should be your first stop when you want to learn something new. Uses Google Maps to help people find each other locally. - web to email gateway http2smtp is a solution for websites hosted at GoDaddy and other situations where a reliable outgoing SMTP service is blocked or unavailable. http2smtp provides easy-to-use software clients to integrate with any Perl, PHP, or Java code to send out emails using an HTTP API provided by http2smtp. http2smtp then relays those messages using its own SMTP servers. http2smtp can handle thousands of messages at a time thanks to integration with Amazon Web Services. - do it yourself data cleansing lets you upload a file in comma-separated, tab-separated, Excel, or DBase IV/FoxPro formats and it performs a variety of data cleansing and data enhancement operations on your file. Then you get to download your updated file and a report showing what was done to it and what is the quality of the data in your file. Someone else wrote the tools, and I designed and built the web interface and the plugin architecture so the application can be extended with additional tools in the future. - PassFree OpenID Provider

PassFree - login to websites without a password PassFree was a major animated greeting cards company during and for a few years after the "dot com" boom. Competitors like Blue Mountain and American Greetings offered free electronic greetings and earned revenue from banner ads on their websites. Hallmark charges for their e-cards like GreetMe did. had high quality cards and was the first to offer cards that allowed the customer to insert their own photos into the cards. I developed that software using Adobe Flash, Perl, and ImageMagick.

cgpeasa - CommuniGate Pro (CGP) "Execute Action" for Spam Assassin (spamc) (.zip) (.tar.gz) is a bridge between the CGP mail system and Spam Assassin